Aug 22, 2009

Rekha Arun

Rekha Arun is another first timer to the Trail and interestingly another artist who is showing work in completely different mediums.

1. Please tell us about the work you will be showing in the 2009 E17 Art Trail?
The work that I am going to show in Art Trail 2009 will be oil paintings. I am going to exhibit some floral paintings, landscapes, still life paintings and some abstract paintings. I am showcasing some crocheted show pieces as well.

2. Could you have done this work anywhere, or is it specific to E17?
Yes, I could do this anywhere else as well.

3. Have you participated in the E17 Art Trail before?
This is the first time I am participating in E17Art Trail

4. How does your work this year relate to your previous artistic practice?
I have been an artist for 5 years and have been painting with oil on canvas board for nearly four years. My work here is really a showcase of my ongoing practice. I paint in a realistic way giving importance to shape and colour.

5. What challenges (if any) do you face in realising this work?
I only came to know about this Art Trail 2 months back so didn’t have enough time to do more paintings. I take a lot of time to finish a painting because I look for perfection.

6. Who is this work for?
This work is for everyone who loves flowers and nature.

7. As well as being an artist what else do you do?
I am basically a network engineer searching for a job at the moment.

8. What is your favourite place in E17?
My favorite places in E17 are Selborne Walk and Lloyd Park

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