Aug 24, 2009

Roan Allen

The title of Roan Allen's second Art Trail show is 'We have a product malfunction'. There is a lot of interesting stuff going on here that I don't have time to think about right now. However, it has been added to my official Art Trail Blog Review list!

1. Please tell us about the work you will be showing in the 2009 E17 Art Trail?
I work with mostly “Ready Mades” objects and products quite common to us like tables and chairs. I manipulate them in various ways to explore ideas and concepts or to construct a form of narrative.
My work looks very familiar to the eye but on further engagement and interaction it reveals something else. The items I work with are varied and currently I’m working on a piece which incorporates a shoe, plank of wood, block of cheese, some cement and a toilet seat.
Also at this years Art Trail I’ll be expanding on a piece of work shown last year called “Small Words.” This consists of three images which are physical representations of the conjunctive words OR, BUT and AND. This year I will be trying to incorporate them into a paragraph from William Morris’s lecture notes “Some hints on pattern and designing”. It’s an installation and can only be properly realised on site, so time is going to be tight!

2. Could you have done this work anywhere, or is it specific to E17? Did you respond to this year’s Art Trail theme ‘At Home’?
The work is not specific to E17. No I did not respond to this years theme, but my work has always involved objects found in and around the home.

3. Have you participated in the E17 Art Trail before?
Yes, last year was my first.

4. How does your work this year relate to your previous artistic practice?
It’s business as usual, or should I say, its art as usual.

5. What challenges (if any) do you face in realising this work?
The challenges don’t come from trying to realise the work because that’s the time to get creative and that’s when the project can lead you in interesting directions. It’s the other stuff like storing work and keeping my shed tidy, getting a table through the house, in one piece, without scratching my mum’s wall paper, trying to burn a simple film file onto DVD. However, the biggest challenge was trying to find a venue; it has been a real headache. I have one now but feel this problem, of venue hunting, will be a recurring one. So after the Art Trail I’ll be looking for ways to make the process less stressful. My venue is in South Grove at the Alpha business Centre unit 29; this was only truly confirmed on the 19th August. It’s rented for 11 days, giving me 2 days to install the exhibition and at 5pm on the 13th September there will be the fastest vacation of a space you will ever see.

6. Who is this work for?
Primarily the work is for me. It’s my release and exercise. I consider it as an activity, a time to play and dream, question and explore ideas. It is also for anyone who wants to engage with it. The world would be a very boring place if people just kept their ideas to themselves.

7. As well as being an artist what else do you do?
I’m a lorry driver on the night shift.

8. What is your favourite place in E17?

It has to be Copper Mill Lane. This question prompted a revisit to confirm its status. Copper Mill Lane starts at a busy part of Walthamstow where the bottom of the High street, St James Street and Black Horse road all meet and it ends as a gravel path at a 5 foot high railway bridge in Walthamstow marshes. There’s something so magical about the transition between its start and finish. For me the total summary of Walthamstow is Copper Mill Lane.


Harriet Hammel said...

Hi Roan,
I loved your show last year and am very pleased you'll be near to me this year. I liked your choice of Coppermill Lane too. Very good observation. I'll come and visit your show, hope you'll come and see mine at the Pump House, on the last Sunday.
Best wishes,

Stevey said...

I lived near Coppermill Lane for some years and always enjoyed it, but I realise I never gave it the credit it deserves. Thanks for that Roan.