Jul 31, 2010

Make a suggestion to Roan Allen....

August, the month of school holidays, summer breaks and quieter roads. A month to relax and recharge the old batteries......

Then came the E17 Art Trail!  August + E17 Art Trail......always equals......PANIC !

After reflecting on last year's trail,  I've decided to do something less restrictive this year that can be placed inside or outside and is not dependent on the weather.

`Figure withchair figure without` is the name of my listing for this years Art Trail. This exhibit will be found at 20 locations around E17. For the first two weeks of August I will be taking suggestions on where and when to place the work. The locations and times will then be posted on the Art Trail online guide, my website http://www.roanallen.co.uk/ and on this blog.

The final plan is to display the artwork at each of the 20 suggested locations for 30 minutes getting to each site by bus or on foot carrying the work with me.

So please start sending in suggestions and in September look out for someone wandering purposefully around E17 carrying a chair with a figure on it.


Image is of half finished work.

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