Sep 9, 2010

Fab (iens's) Review...

Who knew Walthamstow was such a hot bed of creatives?

A conceptual installation artist living along the same road as a photographer, sharing the same passion with another illustrator further down the road, who are practically neighbours with another famous photographer who recently exhibited at the Vestry House Museum last Spring, rubbing shoulders with a set decorator and photographer. This isn't even the village area we're talking about, but the mere non-descript Northcote Road area.

Wendy MacMillan

The Art Trail has been a fabulous eye-opener and shutting my own venue to pop into others has been most exciting every day. First off, Wendy MacMillan's conceptual installation at Venue 45 on Northcote Road... Set in the dark confines of the church hall, displays a collection of installation pieces exploring notions of Britishhood (Union Jack made out of nails) female identity (Barbie dolls skewered by knitting needles), a collective of hounds representing our political leaders (work in progress). Sharp, witty, disturbingly hitting the nail on the head.

Wendy MacMillan

A stone's throw on Chewton Road was Venue 14, a collection of illustrations from Louiz Nielson under the banner of 'The World as Your Oyster'. Iconic London buildings captured & manipulated by photoshop as they dance in the form of black and white screen prints... Delicate, pretty and joyful.

Further along the road, I had the chance to pop into another neighbour on Carisbrooke Road, venue 17, to meet Tim Belcher who works as a set decorator as he introduced his collection of 'Are they real or are they fake' kitchen images. Spot the clues and have a guess. Seeing is not quite believing in the world of commercial marketing.

Up along as you reach the High Street, you'll come across venue 46, Maureen Morris' delightful wood engravings & lino prints... 'Dreaming of Kerala' has got to be my personal favourite, reminding me of my time in India. The perfect little Portuguese restaurant where you can grab a slice of Apricot & Walnut cheesecake makes this venue perfect for a little pit-stop whilst on the west part of the Art Trail.

I've come to realise not all exhibitions are happening in large venues, or indeed in the village area. There are a whole host of little venues off the beaten track well worth exploring. Venue 45, 17, 46 and of course my own venue 16, are all off Northcote Road. So if you fancy a little detour away from the larger shows & the crowds. Come and see all of us!

Contributed by Fabien Ho @ Venue 16. "Wanderlust - To & From" We're open every day from 12 - 2pm & 3 - 6pm. Pop in for a cuppa!

Fabien Ho

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Jay said...

I love it when you discover how many creatives there are living around you, we did a similar project in south london a few years ago and i met so many great artists through it. I plan to come along at the weekend, and am looking forward to it.