Sep 2, 2010

The Garden Painters at Vestry House

The Works we are showing
Linda, Alison and Shirley, the Garden Painters, are local artists who painted in the Vestry House Garden during summers 2009 and 2010

This is the second time we have taken part in the trail
Last year we exhibited in the Wood Street Arcade

Our inspiration is taken from the joy and peace in the lovely garden
"Magic Casements opening on... " Keats "Ode to a Nightingale"

The challenge of taking part in participating in the Art Trail for us was
Displaying our work professionally to inspire others and to raise money for our favourite charities, Thuso, a Walthamstow charity supporting Aids orphans near Johannesburg and Cat and Kitten Care, a Walthamstow charity which cares for stray cats

Amongst us, our favourite artists are ;- in no particular order,
Picasso, Bonnard, Strindberg, Monet and Cezanne

We all live in Walthamstow and like
The diversity of people, places and culture here

The one only things we think Walthamstow lacks are
A Good Cinema and less litter

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