Sep 5, 2010


Birgit Rehsies 

Minden, Germany
I studied construction engineering in Aachen and I now live in Minden with my husband and daughter. My artistic path led me from drawing nature to architectural sketches to freestyle watercolours to installation and photography. I have only started exhibiting my work in 2009. Currently I am most interested in experimenting with a spectrum of materials, following the idea to not lift secrets but create new ones.

Isabel Macieira, The Visitors

Tavira, Portugal
I am a Portuguese artist and I have lived in Tavira, in the South of Portugal – Algarve – for more than 20 years. Born in Lisbon, in February 1957, I previously lived in Mozambique and then different places, from Saudi Arabia to Azores. So you could say my life has been one long art trail!

I made my first “art” creation when I was 4 years old, but I do not remember it myself - my mother tells me that I sewed a whole cloth bag with buttons (I still have a great love for buttons…).

From then on I went inventing and doing lots of different crafts and art experiments, using a lot of different techniques, media and materials. I also have a special love for stones and for all other natural materials and shapes as they reflect the perfection and complete beauty and balance of nature. That is why I was immediately attracted to the Visitors Project.

My aim as a participant on that project, as with many things, is to experiment with new challenges and to connect with interesting people and projects, sharing experiences and knowledge.

My visitors are called “Gala-gala mating”. This harmless and loving pair of creatures inspired on the gala-galas: small lizards from Africa that live on the trees and drop down close to the humans, scaring them most of the time… but they do not harm anyone!

I’m a part of an artistic association in Tavira, named Casa 5, and you can find a lot more information about us if you visit We are pleased to announce that that we already have plans to receive the Visitors Project next year here in Tavira, maybe during Spring…

About my participation in the Art Trail: Apart from the subject which I liked straightaway, I was very attracted to doing an exhibition project together with like minded people from other countries. Thanks to the internet, there are completely new ways one can exhibit these days. And besides, the venue Vestry House Museum Gardens look a dream!  

Margret Thimm

Minden, Germany
3D artist

My dress, that's me
I want to be a visitor at wonderful places
To see interesting people
I hope, some wonderful interesting people will notice me

Margret's piece for the visitors show consists of testimonies of who she was at different times in her life and what makes her who she is so come and explore it in the Vestry House Museum garden.

Ursula Gebert
Porta Westfalica, Germany
3D sculptor
My work as an artist often starts with acquainting myself with the material at hand and then developing it intuitively. I love things fragmented, unfinished, changed through ageing processes. For collages and 3D works I use layered Japanese paper, torn deckle-edge and newspaper, as well as rusted iron, wire, age-stained wood.

I am interested in the metamorphic processes that evolve from connecting light and gentle materials with coarse and heavy ones. I enjoy the surprising and unexpected effects and the new meanings and energies of the materials, as well as the emotional charges they convey.

In earlier days I used clay which, more and more, I have been replacing with paper in different layering processes. A skin develops and sheds itself depending on how the piece develops. Recently I have started working with asphalt, wax, paper pulp in different mixtures, then brought into context with the iron and waxed paper.

I have been picturing for a while that houses in their compactness might be carrying the secret dream of becoming light and flying. Therefore I built some from clay for fun. This idea fits well with a “visitor” travelling to London and then on to other countries. For different reasons, I have never had the chance to travel as much as I would have liked to. So I am sending my house on windmill wings to travel for me!

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