Aug 14, 2011

Michael Stanger

As usual I have been painting at Cuttlefish Studios, producing a mixture of self-portraiture and colour-driven abstractions and landscapes. I use photographs or imagination to break the white surface of the canvas, but then decisions follow one from the other as the painting moves back and forth to, hopefully, a resolved painting. However, lately, my work–rate has slowed considerably and the results have not satisfied me, so I obviously need some fresh ideas.The answer for now has to be some work based on observation, of which, of course, the self-portraits are recent examples.

I have not followed the ‘On Your Marks’ theme, although the Guide cover is highly amusing, with its less than subtle side-swipe at the 2012 Olympics. plus the ‘mark-making' word-play. Which is Sebastian Coe: the greyhound, the hare, or the tortoise?

My advice to any aspiring artist is: ‘Never give up.’

This is Michael Stanger's third Trail. Last year he also answered some questions about his work and life in Walthamstow, here. To see more of his work, have a look at his website.

Yellow Introspective, Michael Stanger, will be on at Inky Cuttlefish studios, 5 Blackhorse Lane, 3 and 10 September.

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