Sep 1, 2011

Ceramic works by Amanda Doidge

With the Art Trail about to begin (!), I am delighted to present our first guest review, by Leo Krushelnycky. 

I am lucky enough to live next to a ceramicist exhibiting in this year’s E17 Art Trail – venue 103. Lucky in that I have watched, over the garden fence, over the years, new work emerging from the kiln and I hope that E17 Art Trailers will also go behind the fence and enjoy her latest exhibition.  

Amanda Doidge’s work is always changing, changing our perception of everyday objects. A cup is still a vessel holding liquids but it can also be a mythical creature ready to wreak havoc. A vase may caress and enfold a flower or it may embrace and devour that plant.

Amanda’s new work for the E17 Art Trail has an archaeological feel to it, as if the objects have been nestling in a newly discovered kiln. There is a vulnerable look to some; almost bone-like in look and feel, while others have charred layers revealing glimpses of glistening bronze. Every piece is tactile and the feel is as good as the look.

Each item echoes Amanda’s passion and concern with change, with vulnerability and how every object, however sturdy, can be altered. But it is her knowledge as a ceramicist and her refined use of the raw materials, the clay, chemicals, and slips that will delight you in this new exhibition. She will show you how a subtle change in the basic nature of wet clay can metamorphose a piece and bring it new life. 

Ceramic works will open tonight (1 September), 6pm - 10pm at 54 Church Hill. It will then be open on Saturday 3, Sunday 4, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11. If you want a head start on the Trail, lots of other venues will be holding previews tonight, click here for more info.

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