Sep 3, 2011

The Secret Garden


The slightly mysterious listing for The Ruby Stables, "enter the Secret Garden to discover works by various artists - and more!" meant I didn't know what to expect when I walked up Ruby Road. But I was delighted with what I found. Walking through the garden centre, with its impressive aubergine and chilli plants leads to a shop where all manner of things are piled up precariously, from chairs, lamps and suitcases to small frescoes of the station of the cross that the owner is restoring. But onto the art trail work! At the back of the garden, Olita - May Forbes Adam is showing Insanity? 2011, a painting of her father, Titus Forbes Adam, whose work is also on display here. Insanity?'s size and realism makes it jump out from behind the flowers it is displayed behind. The owner of the Ruby Stables has built a special frame/shelter for it, to make it stand out even more. He says people have been alarmed by it saying it is "freaky" and screeching.
Insanity?, by Olita - May Forbes Adam
Titus Forbes Adam's paintings are less "freaky" than his daughter's. His landscapes are very pleasant and his painting on glass is very warm, though it could be hung up rather than just lying on a shelf as it is. 

Titus Forbes Adam
Jewellery is on show too. I'm not brave enough to wear the flamboyant statement necklaces by Welber Leao but they look fab on the mannequins. There are some more delicate silver necklaces too, for more everyday wear. There is information about the work on show but you have to ask the (very friendly) owner, and the process of discovery is part of this place's charm.

Spot the necklaces by Walter Leao

A view from the shop      
The stations of the cross
In the garden


tats wahbe said...

great photographs! and yes, I have been to this place, it is a work of art in itself! good review :)

Anonymous said...

In addition to all the above, I was also taken at seeing Titus Forbes Adam's painting of Hackney Downs outdoors surrounded by plants.

Big Chief E-Spy said...

The stables are a great wonder - and to be found within the pages of E-Spy E17......

L&P Vintage Inspirations said...

A little gem in the heart of the main road. I love a rummage and always come away with something lovely be it living or not. Good to see something different on the Art Trail