Jun 11, 2012

This year's Blogger?


The E17 Art Trail Blog is a key documentary and review feature of the E17 Art Trail which takes place in Walthamstow, E17 every September.

We are currently looking for this year's official blogger!

All that is required is experience in writing, formatting and posting text, images, video and links to a blog.

The format is simple - in the lead up to the Trail you will create a short questionnaire to be submitted to participating artists and you will then post their images and responses onto the blog. During the Trail itself your mission is to visit, photograph and review as many Art Trail events as you possibly can.

As a creative exercise in its own right the blog is entirely open for whoever takes it on, to do whatever they want with it. So are you the official blogger for the E17 Art Trail 2012?

We can't guarantee much money but there will definitely be two hundred pounds, possibly more depending on how the fundraising goes over the next couple of months. However, absorbing the information, deciding what you think of it and then writing the copy quickly, clearly and daily is really good experience. It also means that you will have an entire project published online which will remain part of this ongoing and unique event.

Please look carefully at the blog to get a sense of what is required and what you could do with it.  Then if you are interested in taking this on, please get in touch with us, briefly detailing your experience and why you would like to do this project.

Thank you  


Kate Elisabeth Rolison said...

Hi there,

I've tried to send you my application for this post via email, but the email address you've provided doesn't seem to work.

Kate Elisabeth Rolison

Evil Barbie said...

Will there be a payment for blogging about the event or travel expenses covered for travelling & photographing the participating artists??

Kate Elisabeth Rolison said...

My email is katerolison@googlemail.com by the way, sorry I didn't add it to the previous post!


E17 Art Trail Blog said...

Hi Evil!
There's an overall fee for this(see details in post above) but no specific travel costs etc.