Jul 17, 2012

Funky Cheeky Handmades

Here's Jenny from Cheeky Handmades...  

1. Please tell us about the work you will be showing in the 2012 E17 Art Trail? 
This year I will be showing some new quilts inspired by vintage American quilt patterns but executed in modern funky colours and fabrics. There will also be some photographs of my work, classes and inspiration up on show.

2. Is this your first time in the Trail or are you an E17 Art Trail veteran? 
This is my third Art Trail, and I feel I am really understanding what it is about and what I want to do to step up to the mark, last year was such an inspiration, seeing all this amazing work and meeting fantastic people (some who have become firm friends since).

3. What are the challenges of getting everything ready for your Art Trail event? 
The challenges for me are as always that the art trail starts at the end of the summer holidays which this year as most years finds me at home with 3 kids as well as away camping and generally having summer holiday fun, not leaving much time to prepare or make things. I am however not taking on any work during this period so hopefully any spare time I have I will be able to use constructively for the art trail prep!

4. Do you remember the first artist that really influenced you? Does that artist’s influence still have an impact on your work? 
I am not an artist but a crafter, I have been more inspired by other people who are taking ancient crafts and updating them to make them very 2012 such as Grayson Perry. I love his work and am extremely excited that he will have his tapestry up in the new William Morris Gallery although I wouldn't say he was a direct influence on me, that is more reserved for the army of amazing craft bloggers out there as well as inspiring local people. I am more and more amazed at the talent in Walthamstow and if anyone is still in doubt I would suggest checking out the Soft exhibition at The Mill this is inspiring!

5. The E17 Art trail has become bigger every year. Do you think it is because more artists are calling it home? 
I think Walthamstow is attracting more and more creative people, it may not be as hip as Hackney but it is full of talent and has really changed in the 7 years I have lived here. It no longer feels like a suburban outpost of London, somewhere I reluctantly lived. 

6. What has E17 bestowed on you?
I feel part of an amazing community now and am proud to be part of #awesomestow

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