Aug 27, 2012

Co-reviewer Kate!

I'm incredibly excited about this year’s Trail. Not only is it bigger than ever, it’s a wonderful opportunity for artsy folks to meet one another (and possibly do a little networking!) It’s also a wonderful opportunity for Walthamstow to show the rest of London that we’re a hive of creative activity, and possibly even to dispel a few negative preconceptions about our wonderful town.

As I mentioned, as well as exhibiting myself (possibly in three different locations!), I will be lightening Hassan’s (immense) workload  by reviewing a handful of events and exhibitions. Also remember that the blog is a space for all you to get involved in, whether it is sending in reviews, pictures or just general trail interest  Share you experiences with everyone through the blog! Between Hassan, me and all your contributions hopefully the blog can cover it all!

My first, hectic day will be day one of the Trail, September the 1st, when I will be taking in the 'Awesomestow Postbox' at Follyand Frill in Wood Street Indoor Market, 'Celebrating the Significant', on show in Images In Frames in Wood Street, and Walthamstow Library’s Puppet Theatre. Those of you I’ve already met may know I’m an intern at Significant Seams, who are organising the exhibition in Images In Frames. The exhibition also features one of my embroideries, not that I’ll be biased towards it in any way! I’m particularly interested in making a visit to the Awesomestow Postbox, as it’s just the kind of community arts project I love to be involved with.

I’m also reviewing the work of 'The Wandering Scribe' (if I can track down this elusive figure, they seem most mysterious!) As I did an A Level in photography and love using film, I’m very excited about the “PinholeParade” at Inky Cuttlefish – of course there’ll be plenty of gorgeous prints of all kinds to feast my eyes on too.

Finally (and perhaps a little foolishly!) I’ve volunteered to review the epically big exhibition in St Barnabus Church (no. 88). I’m most intrigued by the 'Lachrymatories' exhibit, which promises to explore the art and science of tears. Lachrymatories seems to have a nice dialogue with 'The Onion Cutters’Club', as both are about having a good old sob!

If you want to catch my “stuff”, 'The Onion Cutters’ Club' will be up every day of the Trail from 10am to 5pm, every week day, and is no. 61 in your Trail Guide. 'Celebrating the Significant' in Images In Frames is on from Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm, and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm. 'Gifted' at The Mill will feature one of my embroideries (if I have a spare minute to hand one in!), is on every day except Monday , and opens from 10am to 7pm from Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and 11am to 2pm on Sundays. 

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