Aug 27, 2012

Inky Cuttlefish

After running workshops and artistic ventures from home, Anna Alcock opened up the creative space of 'Inky Cuttlefish' for the community and it has flourished since! It is a unique collective of  all sorts of different artists, mediums, projects, and has a constant flow of exhibitions and events. The studio is right by Blackhorse Road station, no.5 Blackhorse Lane in fact and hides behind the building with  its big stencilled shutter.

Well to call it just a studio wouldn't be fair, the huge space is used as a gallery, community workshop, printmaking space, darkroom all running alongside each other and throughout the year. There is something ALWAYS on at Inky Cuttlefish and they are ALWAYS involved in some sort of artistic community project. It has become a foundation block of creativity in Walthamstow. I popped round a couple weeks ago, and there was art everywhere! Sculptures, mosaics, paintings, prints all in preparation for the E17 Art Trail, so without saying this is venue that has to be visited.

There will be so much to see here, for instance in the exhibition 'Lady of The Forest' will have 23 different artists involved. In a wonderful project that seems fitting on the back of Lady Godiva's visit to Walthamstow, project will be displaying work inspired by the myth of Godiva. This exhibit will not just consist of local artist but it is a huge collaboration between artists in South Aftrica, Sweeden and in the UK all working with there communities to create. This is just one exhibition of the 6 things that will be happening alongside each other at Inky Cuttlefish during the trail.

Lorraine Ward will have open her studio space in 'Draw4ward' where you can see her prints, drawings, mixed media installations and even works in progress, you will be able to see work from all the artists who use the printmakers studio in the exhibition 'Printers Paradise' and even get some wonderful local jewellery by Carol Zilla. The jewellery collection is inspired by the rich, varied and often hidden wildlife of Walthamstow and ethically produced using recycled silver. These pieces of jewellery are of limited edition and will only be able to be bought from Ink Cuttlefish. Also located in Inky Cuttlefish is Rachel's Darkroom and during the trail there will be an exhibit exploring photographs taken by objects made into cameras in 'Pinhole Parade'.

There will also be on display an exhibition by Waltham Forest MENCAP of various projects they have worked on during the year. Keeping with the community projects, Inky Cuttlefish has also helped create the 'Willowfield Community Mosaic' by running workshops in the school. 625 students have contributed to what will be a Chuck Close styled mosaic.

 These diverse exhibitions the will be running alongside each other just shows the wonderful creative space Inky Cuttlefish provides to professional or emerging artists and designers, local creativity and just an expressive platform for the whole community.

I can't wait to see all the art that will be there too see, and if you can't either you should book in the 1st of Sept. where there will be a preview evening (7-11pm) as well as the 5th Birthday party for Inky Cuttlefish! There will be drinks and nibbles and an open mic which will attract some fantastic local music to weave you through all the exhibitions!

Lower Ground Floor
5 Blackhorse Lane, E17 6DS

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