Aug 31, 2012

Nomad at Lotolie

The Nomad collective is a group artists that wonder from venue to venue setting up exhibitions and inviting guest artists to join them. This time on the trail they have set up shop in the charming family hairdressers on Orford road, Lotolie. Geoff Gunby, Judy Clarkson, Penny Dampier and Andrew Pegram are the core artists that wonder without a set gallery home, and all have work on display but also joining them in Lotolie's is the writer and printmaker Fiona McKieth.

Andrew Pegram's prints of shop fronts and windows give a pop-art glamour to some of the structure of East End buildings. He captures them in glamorous dirt or in clean cut illustrations. These visualization of East London Landscape falls well with Fiona's lino prints of the changing landscapes in Brick Lane.

This theme of external landscape is flipped with Penny Dampier three part exhibition. She has the photographs 'Endless Corridor' and 'Traces' displayed which capture a impressionistic and dreamlike images of domestic life inside and out. These culminate in the final section which is down the stairs and in the basement entitled 'Fragments'. There is a sofa set up with a photographs being projected on the wall in front of you in a soft dim light. It creates cosey domestic setting where you observe this stills from life as mother. I was quite memorized by the whole thing. 

The final artist in the show, Geoff Gunby's work is a real interesting. He has 3 completely different typed of paintings up. A rich charcoal landscape of the Hebrides as well as more figurative and minimalist landscape. Both capture a complexity of light in different ways. However the piece I was most fascinated by was Geoff Gunby's large print 'Frankenstein Repeated'. He made this during his time as artist in residence in an art therapy institution, where individuals would come to express there problems and fears through art. It was a moving experience for him, and resulted in the 'Frankenstein' self portrait. The repetition of it in the print however lessens it's personal attachment, making it a group of nameless patients all with the same problem - having a problem. 

Nomad at Lotolie is no. 131 in the Guide.

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