Aug 7, 2012

The Tokarska Gallery

Tucked down Forest Road and a stone’s throw from Blackhorse Station is Walthamstow’s very own contemporary Art Gallery. It has been open and operating for over a year now and is a big example of the changing creative landscape of E17. I for one was surprised when I moved back and heard that there was a ‘proper’ gallery established here.

However, the Tokarska Gallery is a 'proper' gallery charmed by Walthamstow; it has all the positives of a professional London gallery such as bringing international artists and having a clean space but it doesn’t have the corporate chill or community detachment that some do. They are always involved with Walthamstow, whether it is bringing artists from outside or giving the opportunities to local artist to hold an exhibition. The gallery also reaches out to the community in both hosting evening talks, art classes for children and even running a competition for kids to enter.

This engaging quality of the gallery is partly due to the fact that its art director, Nadiya Pavliv-Tokarska is an artist herself, so the exhibitions that are selected are always interesting, varied and a focus on the art and artists put first. Actually right now, Nadiya herself has an exhibition up, Contemporary Cityscapes. After E Hopper and D Hepher, a really delightful, 'photo-realistic when you move yet impressionistic when you stop' series of paintings of London’s architecture. Worth seeing for some post trail interest.

During the Art Trail itself, the Tokarska will be presenting Age of East17, an exhibition that contains a range of work from different established local artists. It will include the unique, intricate ink and alcohol drawings of Carne Griffiths, paintings by Jason Hawkridge (both artists will also appear elsewhere on the trail) and some cityscapes from Nadiya too. There will be a projector set up as well that will be playing visual installation of the artists. Alongside and part of this exhibition, Mark Burton will have his project on display too, The Mayor andCivic Companions; a series of photographs of the first openly gay Mayor of Waltham Forest with the women who will accompany him to civic events.

The exhibition opens with the Trail but there is a private view between 6-8pm on the 2nd that would be a great way to make sure your art head is screwed on!
163 Forest Rd. Walthamstow
E17 6HE

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