Sep 14, 2012

Made in Stow

Oxfame (no.26)
Sitting on top of Walthamstow's High Street rooftops is a lovely little tucked away concrete garden that just shines in the sun and right now is home to a gallery of found quirky, up-cycled vibes and teddy bear stamps. Brought together by Art Catcher, Oxfame is an exhibition containing work from over 20 artists from Walthamstow and beyond, all grasping at findings from their local charity shops.

It is a really charming exhibition which will definitely have you smiling and staring whether it is at the umbrella crows or warped vinyl of Jason Donovan in a cage.

Do try and visit this weekend, it is just off a side road by the International Supermarket, Flat 3, 1 Petoria Avenue. Go get some sweet art!

Four in the Garden (no.72)
Unfortunately this had its last days on the trail already. It was quite an interesting exhibition of 4 artists all using different mediums and exploring different themes. In fact the 4 have always worked together but this is the first time they exhibited alongside each other. The two artists that really stood out for me here were Tom Scott and his sound installations and Eugene Coil with his experiment into 'night paintings'.

Tom Scott's installation was something he called 'Soundwalking'. Mapped along Lee Valley nature reserve it contrasts the landscape of city and serene habitat by capturing each boundary's own acoustic image. Eugene Coil's drawings and paintings both stem from his recent ventures in to 'night drawing'. It interesting how drawing at night creates and influences the artists own representation of colour and form.

Tom is actually thinking of starting up a 'night drawing' class, so if you are interested contact him:

Made in Stow (no.21)
Peep through the letterbox on 60 Buxton Road and playing on screen are some familiar films...made even more familiar. Grab yourself some popcorn and a drink before you visit and watch 'Dawn of the Dead' unfold in it's original location, Selbourne Walk.

E17 Art House (no.77)
Alongside the Magnificent Magical Drawing Machine that is set up weekends, the E17 Art House actually has 2 great exhibitions up too. Kirsten Schmidt has her wonderful prints, drawings and paintings of birds and all sorts of delightful creatures in her exhibition, 'The Magic Flute'. The colour and technique in her work creates such a light and delicate feel, and these wonderful drawings feel like at any point they can come to life and fly away. Kirsten also has a wonderful piece up at St. Barnabas too, with her free form creatures exploring religion and philosophy.

The other artist exhibiting here is illustrator Robert Ball bringing his locally charmed project 'East 17x17'. His series of bright and sharp snapshots of Walthamstow life really captures the energetic and kinetic cultural vibe that the area always has in its public spaces. Do try and catch it before the trail is up!


Anonymous said...

My favourite in Oxfame was the pink shoe with heart painted round acting as flowerpot for the most prickly cactus you ever did see. The slushy sentimental yucky pink shoe contrasted brilliantly to the cactuses with prickles you would never get out of your feet.
The crows from umbrella bits took me longer to see. I also loved the huge Beano papier mache piggy bank

Anonymous said...

Kirsten's delicate colour painted around the huge lino cuts of various members of the crow family were both contained , delicate and the sort of paintings nobody would ever get bored of