Sep 2, 2012

Sarah Ezekiel - 'Life of Brain'

At 2:30 the library floor was covered with Art Trailer's sitting like a school kids in an assembly waiting to learn something new. We were sitting down to listen to Sarah's talk about her artwork, Motor Neurone Disease the Tobii Eyegaze Software, which has allowed her to express herself through art once again. The technology is so new, and as an art medium it is even newer with this being the first exhibition of work created on it. It allows Sarah to control the computer just through her eyes, it is truly fascinating an in fact it was mentioned that it could be the future of mainstream computing. I will try and get Sarah's talk up on the blog later on.

The technology is fantastic, yes, but Sarah is a real artist, she has made this technology into a medium that she has controlled and is continuing to develop. She says her work was very similar to the work she use to do with her hands, but it is through completely different techniques. There is a blurry expression within her impressionistic flowers and landscapes, and a direct approach to portraits akin to what you see in a street artists work. Her approach through the technology requires a lot of concentration, time and energy, and once you realize that every line in her work has been done through a concentrated movement of the eye, yet still resembles the multi-layered aesthetic of street art, impressionism or Ross Bleckner is a real marvel.

The exhibition is now on at the Arts & Crusts Fox Office no.100
More Information on Sarah's Exhibition

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Buttonsetc said...

Truly a marvel of modern technology - not a computer generated image as some might think, but computer supported techniques that require hours of painstaking work, showing Sarah's awesome skills as an artist, and a demonstration of her indomitable spirit.