Jun 6, 2014

A Packed Penny Fielding Gallery Listens to Local Poets & Authors

In an evening of readings at Penny Fielding Gallery, Bren Gosling, Hassan Vawda, Ruth Wiggins, Mike Simms, Mo Gallaccio, and Paul McGrane were all listened to attentively by a packed room. Some of the poems read by Hassan Vawda related to his artworks currently on show in the gallery, one ending with the line "I love you, but I will never love you more than a film or a piece of art". Among others, Mike Sims read his poem inspired by the Walthamstow Tea Service in Vestry House Museum (which you can listen to by clicking here). Bren Gosling read an excerpt from his upcoming novel The Street Sweeper, which is set in Walthamstow in 2002 and whose main protagonist is a 21 year old Kosovan immigrant is in London under a witness protection scheme. Mo Gallaccio finished the evening with poems on themes from the joy of watermelon in early summer to the excitement and fear of young girls going to a dance. 

Look out for Bren Gosling's ten short stories that can be found in shop windows throughout the village (Listing no. 121: Please click here for more information).

Bren Gosling
Michael McGray

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