Jun 13, 2014

Guest Blog: Kester Muller - Down by Dagenham Brook

At the dead end of Theydon Street nestles Steven Smith's house. Squeeze through the garden gate into a (Olympic sized) secret garden that runs parallel to Dagenham Brook, a small stream that bisects the Low Hall area. 
Steven Works in ceramics and glass (www.kilnarts.co.uk), and has converted a room overlooking the garden into a proper studio, complete with kilns, which was bustling with extremely diverse creations. 

Joining Steven at this site is Sonia Hunt, a professional photographer (www.soniahunt.co.uk). Sonia works within lots of different niches in photography, including garden photography. For this exhibition however, she has chosen to display two main series of landscape photography: a series of images of the South Coast and one exploring sites along the A12 corridor.

Interiors stylist Joanna Thornhill (www.joannathornhill.co.uk/) is also here displaying her first book, 'Home For Now', an interiors and design guide for 'Generation Rent'. As far as we know, no such book exists to help renters and first time buyers style their home on a budget. 

If you enjoy the open houses aspect of the Art Trail, this exhibition is a real treat and a chance to explore a quiet and somewhat mysterious feeling corner of the borough.

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