Jun 3, 2014

Eat the Art Trail Post: Discovering wonder in unexpected places.

Fruit stickers, deli queue waiting stubs, chocolate wrappers, sweet characters, even discarded shopping lists... all items Adam Graff has seen the beauty in. Consider the time someone has taken to design those small apples and pears stickers, all to be seen as a nuisance and dismissively peeled and unceremoniously dumped. At least a food label gets a little more attention, even if just a few seconds for a cursory glance to see just how calorific it is. Adam sees the little things and celebrates their coming together in his book of collections.
Pictorum Gallery (http://www.e17arttrail.co.uk/index.php?page=101&passed_index=94) didn't initially feature in my list of go to places, containing neither food nor a food venue. It was luck and chance that whilst waiting for Norman Loves to start serving tapas bites across the road at the Hornbeam Cafe, as I was a little early; that I discovered that for a foodie lover, we find food links everywhere! Whilst browsing the gallery filled with wine sipping art appreciators, I spied the colourful scrapbook. As I flicked through, Adam approached me to explain his work.
An illustrator for the most part, his life-long collections include a still-being-completed folder of lost playing cards, the tessellated designs found inside envelopes, and many more including the aforementioned food related themes.
Look beyond the bills to the beauty within.
All shopping lists left behind in baskets and trolleys
How many do you recognise?
Still some way to go before he can play snap
Eye catching offers

The front and back covers showed his collections had started from an early age as a child collecting badges and chocolate wrappers, at the depressing price of 3p per bar – those were the days! 

I asked whether Adam had one of the E17 badges and swiftly added to his collection when I heard he was missing our special red limited edition, definite collector’s item, must-have fashion accessory!
Adam proudly displaying his latest E17 Art Trail 2014 badge.
It seemed his passion for collecting was infectious as, on exiting I spied another waiting treasure trove of stickers, logos and cardboard scraps at the grocers next door. It seemed my excitement was right as Adam joined me and saw a new one for his collection!
The thrill of a new discovery!
Carefully adding his latest addition
A charming insight into how we could take more time to observe the seemingly mundane and give it a new lease of life. See Adam's work http://www.e17arttrail.co.uk/index.php?page=101&passed_index=180 along with many other artists at the Pictorem Gallery on Hoe Street (Venue #150).

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