Jun 11, 2014

'Everything changes and nothing stays the same'

ASCENSION' a series of textile artworks at St Barnabus Church: Hear from artist Kirsten Schmidt

I've long been fascinated by the impermanence and flux of living. The fleeting quality life has; birth and death, gain and loss ... a constantly changing picture, there is beauty in this.

Humans have always contemplated their place in the universe, this manifests itself in religion and philosophy.

Coming across an old box of black and white photos of strangers made me want to express these thoughts in a visual way.

Photos once cherished are now no longer important to anyone , perhaps there weren't any family members to pass them onto or people were much less sentimental than myself.

In these photos there are holidays enjoyed, weddings blessed , birthdays celebrated, schools gone to....
I have also slipped in some of my own family members.

The garment which I would love visitors to the exhibition to slip on was inspired by the Horniman Museum's display of African masks.

The spirits of the Ancestors' are important in many of the rituals the masks were used for; these spirits protect the community and crops for the coming year.

Please slip on the  garment for a few moments and if you feel like it tweet me a photo @KirstenKschmidt email me Kschmidt@hotmail.co.uk or just enjoy the experience.

Kisten talks about her preparation for this year and highlights of the last 9 years of the E17 Art Trail
I have been preparing for this Art trail since February and sharing Mitre Studios with fellow artists is helpful because of the inspiration and advice I get from other artists.

Celebrating the Setting up of Inky Cuttlefish with my friend Anna Alcock with an Art Trail Cocktail Party in Blackhorse Lane. Everyone had so much fun and joined in with bringing drinks and mixing!

Also the open evenings in St Barnabas. Steven Saxby is great at bringing the community together in his church.

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