Jun 12, 2014

Kirsten Schmidt's Geese at the E17 Art House

As part of 'Zoology' at E17 Art House Kirsten Schmidt has beautifully painted Lloyd Park Canada Geese inspired by Frank Brangwyn's painting of swans.

Kirsten talks about her admiration for this painting; 

Before the William Morris Gallery was renovated, many of Frank Brangwyn's painting were on permanent show upstairs. Living a stone's throw from it I would often pop upstairs for a few minutes and admire his brush strokes. For me he was one if the best painters ever, I love the looseness you see when you go close up to his paintings.

Whenever I take a break from print making and try my hand at painting I have his work in mind but I don't think life is long enough to get to his level! The three Lloyd Park geese are a 'warm up' to a bigger painting I would love to do in the style of his swans , a painting you can admire upstairs in the gallery.

Listing no 98. Click here for more information. 

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