Jun 4, 2014

Listen to the Forest Poets Read their Poems Next to the Objects that Inspired them at Vestry House Museum

On Monday Matt Taylor met with Forest Poets (@forestpoets) co-founders Paul McGrane and Mike Sims at Vestry House and together they recorded four poems inspired by objects in the collection. In the following recording they perform these poems on location next to the object which inspired them:

Toy Story - Paul McGrane (inspired by toy soldiers)

Tea and Opiates  - Mike Sims (inspired by the Walthamstow Tea Service)

Bremer Car - Michael Shann (inspired by the Bremer Car)

Life of a Dress, The Lives of Brides - Dominique Golden (inspired by a satin wedding dress)

Listen here:

Hope you enjoy them.

The upcoming events are:

Wednesday 11th June 7-9.30pm in the Community Room at Vestry House Museum. With prize winning poets Kayo Chingonyi & Michael Mckimm. Also Open Mic hosted by Paul McGrane.

Sunday 15th June 11am and 2.30pm. FREE GUIDED POETRY TRAILS: Led by Forest Poets. AND DON'T MISS:  "New Words Old Things" - An installation of poems by members of Forest Poets. Inspired by some of the museum's most treasured objects.

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