Jun 6, 2014

The Stow Brothers Opening Party

Last night Walthamstow's newest estate agents, The Stow Brothers, celebrated their launch with an evening of Columbian food, champagne, ales from the local Wild Card Brewery and most importantly, local art works.

Simon Warren's distorted photographs of local buildings are hung as though homes for sale in the front window. His use of reflections make the familiar strange and give an uncanny, dreamlike feeling to local scenes. He has lived in the area for 25 years and frequently uses images taken around E17 in his works.

Inside are World Cup themed illustrations from The Illustrated Game, a North London based football blog (http://theillustratedgame.tumblr.com/). The Stow Brothers have also supported the Ex-Warner Project, a collaboration between artists Lucy Harrison and Katherine Green involving an artistic investigation into the Warner properties found in Walthamstow. Look out for more about this project on the blog in the coming days.  

The Stow Brothers
Simon Warren

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