Jun 12, 2015

Creative Appetite Post: Enjoying the E17 Art Trail’s crafty morsels

I (Natasha) am thrilled to have returned to the E17 Art Trail a year on from my introduction as Appetite blogger last year. Although I don’t live in the area, the warm welcome I have received every time I have landed in E17 has made it feel like I’m coming home!

It all re-started at The Vestry House Artists’ Reception. I arrived at the tail end to be immersed in a wild celebration of all things I love about the E17 Art Trail: good food (so good it had all gone - a regular feature of my time here), local drink, vibrant music, outstanding art and of course amazing people that truly make it!

I even loved the fact I now recognise faces and feel like I’m part of the E17 family fabric. It was with genuine warmth I saw Laura’s beaming face, chatted with some of the loyal volunteers and local artists, and congratulated Lynda who has advanced to the ranks of hard core Artillery team.

With no formal edible path to explore until the Walthamstow Garden Party (Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July), which I’m looking forward to with quite some glee, I decided to take on a challenge of fitting in some wonderful creative workshops. Food is very visceral and hands on, similar to arts and crafts. I do love a bit of craft, even if you can’t always eat it after! Therefore I’ll be getting my hands stuck into some paper, music and jewellery crafts, amongst others.

Keep your eyes peeled for more soon!

A smorgas-blackboard of entertainment at the Artists' Reception

Playful tree of chance

Some of my favourite snaps from Matt Taylor’s exhibition in the Vestry House Museum:

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