Jun 25, 2015

Creative Appetite Post: Hidden Creative Workshop Spaces

After my silver ring workshop I popped my head around into the maze like warren of City Studios, discovering stone carvers, painters, jewellers and in one case lured by the smell of toasting bread, a collage artist.

Lured to Daniel's by the smell of toast

An example of the other jewellery next door to Made by Ore by a lovely set of artists

The Makers' Yard is another tucked away studio set up, this time in a secret garden. They weren’t kidding in the booklet when they said about an uneven surface, it had crazy paving gone wild! With the sun shining it was a beautiful little sun trap with artwork displayed outside, hanging from the tree branches and inside a series of garden sheds.

I liked the cheeky fox photo in the background
A fun graffiti style half rodent disappearing into a crack in the wall

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