Sep 11, 2009

Day Seven (2)

The Open Studios event at the BAG Arts Trust on Blackhorse Lane is another must see. The studios opened in January 2008 and there are about 26 artists currently working there. They would like to extend the premises and facilities to house further artists and also extend the size and scope of the project space. They want to contribute to E17 and over the coming year, hope to be able to offer one or two funded studio spaces. They are great studio spaces too - really light and roomy but apparently freezing cold in winter ... so nothing's perfect ... apart from some of the work! There is a massive load of very interesting 2D and 3D stuff. I lost count and don't have time right now to list them all from the cards I collected but here is more or less one pic from almost all of them! (if any of you are reading this please leave a link to your websites in a comment box - thank you.... thanks already to Julie Caves).

Check the BAG website if you want to try and track any of them down online or look at the ones who listed under that venue on the Art Trail map. Alternatively make a point of going down there tomorrow or Sunday and meeting them yourselves!


Neil Partrick said...

great photos and an interesting looking place

Michelle Reader said...

Thanks for uploading all those photos!
Mine are the recycled people, and my website is

Mark Wainwright said...

Valerie - congratulations on the fantastic blog. It's an important addition to the trail and the amount of time and effort you have put into it's production is awesome.

best wishes

Mark Wainwright
Director - Barbican Arts Group Trust