Sep 7, 2010

VIP Visitor..


My friend, the stand-up comedian Henning Wehn (known as 'the German Comedy Ambassador' regularly appearing on TV and Radio 1 and 4 etc gave us the honour to attend the launch event arriving indeed as the my first guest on time and with flowers -!!

In an interview Herr Wehn said:

"I can't wait to be back arttrailing perhaps even artcycling (tube strike and all) in E17 this week, when the Vestry House Museeum and all its shows re-open. I am so impressed by the efficiency of the management of the trail, the super precise guide and all the shows I have seen so far - that I have even posed in indigenous outfits in one of them. - pictures to be published soon. '"
He is genuionely most impressed likes the guide a lot and will be back this week for his second round !!


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