Aug 18, 2010


The Arty Quiz is organised by Inky Cuttlefish Studios, a printmaking studio, gallery and studio spaces located very close to Blackhorse Road Station. This is the first year that the Arty Quiz has been done so it’s also a first for the E17 Art Trail.

The Arty Quiz is a different and fun way to promote local artists and their work. There will be 5 artists exhibiting on the night and the prizes given out will be fine art pieces from these five artists.

It is on Sunday 5th September at 6:30pm, at the Rose & Crown. All you need to do is form a team of 4 to 6 people and turn up.

It costs £5 per person to participate in the quiz and for this you will get a poster and pack of postcards from our exhibiting artists: Anna Alcock, Julia R. Gallego, Kirsten Schmidt, Helen Porter and Ulrika Bygge.

Then… if you end up champions of the Arty Quiz there are prizes of artworks from our five artists! Prizes will be given out to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and there will be more smaller prizes too!"

So enjoy a different night out with your friends and test your arty knowledge …Do you know more about William Morris than anyone else? Is the Changing Room more than a fitting room at a clothes store?

If you like art, love the Art Trail and think you have the arty know-how please get your team together and contact us for table reservations or just turn up at the Rose and Crown at 6.30 on Sunday September 5th.

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