Aug 24, 2010

Do you know any ghosts?

Rachel I'Anson is looking for ghost stories relating to Waltham Forest. Do you have a story or sighting to share?

If the answer to this is YES then you are invited to share your stories at Rachel's Darkroom at Inky Cuttlefish Studios, Blackhorse Lane.  Please come on Saturday September 4th and Sunday September 12th any time from 12.00 - 4.00 pm.

If you don't have a story but would like to hear some, then please come along as well. There are already some stories to tell.....

In this photograph is Mrs Rachel Hargreaves who first showed herself in September 2009 at Vestry House.

Rachel Hargreaves is a Victorian widow who is taking over her late husband's photography buisness. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of her in the next year as she photographs around Walthamstow and beyond!

As part of this project I have also been collecting studio portraits shot in Waltham Forest from 1850- 1950. If there is anyone out there who owns images that could be included in the project you are very welcome to bring them along to my darkroom so I can scan them. This image was photographed at V. Manders studio in Hoe Street, with an approximate date of 1890-1900- do you recognise her?


Anonymous said...

oops got the dates wrong! Sorry -meant Sat 4th Sep and Sun 12th Sep-Rachel I'Anson

Unknown said...

I want my money are y'all doing I hope you're doing better than I am

Unknown said...

Well Rachel I want my $ I'm Robert Bruce Ulrich