Sep 11, 2010

From E17 Art House

What a great Trail, so much to see, we just wish we had the time to get out and visit more venues (got to make it to see Dr Knit!). Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post reviews on this blog for those of us who might miss out on experiencing all of the Art Trail's delights!

E17 Art House has had a fantastic response to its show 'We Are Your Friends", with hundreds of visitors seeking us out, many putting us on their must-see shortlist of exhibitions on the Trail.

We have decided to extend much of our exhibition for at least another week, with so much great work around Walthamstow it seems such a shame to take it down straight after the Art Trail.

Last Sunday Kirsten was printmaking with children, which was hugely popular, and we also had great fun creating fantasy animals (half this + half that), inspired by artist Iain Hector's hybrid animal prints on show at E17 Art House.

Here are some of the children's great drawings. We will be displaying them all for the next two weeks at E17 Art House, and if you want to create your own strange animal picture at home, bring it in and we will add it to our "Fantastical Animals" gallery!!

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