Sep 11, 2010

Alison Brown - Art Trail Visit to the Rose and Crown

Nobody should miss a trip to he Rose and Crown. It has so many exhibits, it is hard to take them all in. The pub has a series of galleries, showing different sorts of art - and all rather lovely as well as thought provoking

Lorraine Huddle has interesting pictures with clay figures, next to much the same picture , the same size, painted in oils. She also has some subtely coloured ceramics. In the same room are some wonderful sculptures made of cardboard. many are big, although some are a more homely size . The mysterious shapes look like wood and have curious curves and a inspire a similar feeling to Barbara Hepworth

To reach this area you pass the amazing illustrated shed by Adam Graff, with images from the holocaust, but beside it more interesting cartoon characters. You pass Feathers and Foliage with storybook-like scenes by Sandra Shevin and Charlie Hall You pass wonderful brightly coloured abstract shapes which cheered me up. The other side of the room were pictures of flowers in Best in Show by Bronac McNeill.

The entrance has more Feathers and Foliage with some beautiful black and white pictures, which mix drawing with collage.

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