Sep 12, 2010

From Matt & Kate of the soon-to-be Arteast17 magazine':

We’ve been round so much of the Trail, and theres still one more day to go - here’s a few snapshots of what we’ve enjoyed….

We loved this little figure with the suitcase trolley from The Visitors exhibition in the Vestry House garden. If you look really close you’ll see that the newspaper cuttings are all names of countries or cities….from where s/he’s been….or where s/he’s going??? (Trail no 88)

Sba Shaikh’s colourful and playful work will continue to be on show at the William Morris gallery for some weeks after the Trail so there’s still time to catch it. She works in a range of techniques including amongst others; fabric, stencilling, screen-printing and spray can. Here you can see her large fabric hangings plus her t-shirts from one of her alter-ego personas ‘Missy S’ - but here in the photo is Sba herself, not in character! (Trail no 31)

Off the beaten track is 95a Lynmouth Rd, a group open-studios including this work from new creative business The Rock n’ Roll Duvet Company! And they print a lot more than duvets, including beer coasters, fabric bags, posters and more, in goth/metal/tattoo influenced imagery…..rock on! J (Trail no 21)

Even more off the beaten track was ceramicist and photographer Steven Smith – one of the real Trail out-liers – but so well worth visiting! We loved his hand built pottery, which worked well both as individual pieces but also as groups. He also has on show some wonderful photography (Trail no 62).

Anja Jane’s screenprinting work is simply stunning, in colour, texture, quality and imagery, and it was wonderful to hear her talk so engagingly about her work, That’s possibly the most rewarding aspect to the trail – you get to meet and talk to so many of the artists directly, something you cant often do when visiting gallery exhibitions! (Trail no 75)

Just up the road from Anja is illustrator Jesse Richards. (That’s another great thing about the trail – it shows us how there might be one artist beavering away in one place, and another one practically next door – and you might never have known if it hadn’t been for the Trail!) In the photo you can see his some of his cut-outs of local characters which capture the individuality of people you might otherwise just pass on the street without giving a second glance. And his illustrated print of some of the unique places in Walthamstow asif they were magically all brought together into just a couple of streets, with corresponding range of mugs – which we are sure will prove to be incredibly popular! (Trail no 74)

Well, that’s just a glimpse of just a few………here’s looking forward to tomorrow!

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