Sep 12, 2010

My Favourite Art Trail Exhibit by Alison Brown

Every day I saw my favourite exhibit in the Art Trail when I passed this window every time I walked down the street. The giraffe, the elephant and the Van Gogh sunflowers had so much life in them . They were lovely art despite the fact that they were drawn by very young children.

Just a thought for next year. I would like to see the 2011 Art Trail, with streets full of windows with children’s paintings . Maybe a street could register with the Art Trail to display their windows. Even if they did not register, the guided walks could pass down such streets on their way to adult venues.

Children are such wonderful artists, it is a pity we do not make more of their skills . Some teenagers might also enjoy displaying their work. If art trailers do not need to go inside houses, but only look at windows, then there would be no safety issues exhibiting the art. If neighbours got together to have streets full of pictures in the windows, it would bring more community to the streets, and it might last after the after the trail.

A big thank you to Alison for taking the time to write and send reviews for the blog! 

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