Sep 6, 2010


Marta Claret and the Cambrils artists
Cambrils, Spain
Artists working in mixed media

Painter printmaker Marta called London her home for a while and is still very much in love with it. So when she hears about a London art project looking for participation from abroad, you can trust her to get her artist friends in Cambrils together on the strength of a short but powerful conspiring whistle. They exhibited a group piece as part of the group show “Urban Jungle” in City Hall in 2008, and they have rustled up a visitor for us with found natural materials from Cambrils.

Marta is currently also taking part in an international exhibition called “A Suite of Lighted Rooms”, inspired by Russian culture, in Pushkin House in London.

Artists Association Casa 5, (The Visitors, venue 88)
Tavira, Portugal
Atists working in mixed media

We will not only receive guest sculptures from Tavira but also be able to take sculptures to Portugal to meet the artists from this spontaneous and hospitable artists association. They are hoping to get to know Waltham Forest artists who fancy joining the trip in spring 2011 (details tbc)

Jens Marott (Clouds at the Weekend, venue 18)

I seek the moments when things come together naturally and magic happens.

Sumi Perera (Exhibition of Typography, venue 36)
Sri Lanka/London
Printmaking artist (Associate Member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers [ARE])

Sumi's work oscillates between the vertical and horizontal plane, liberating wall hung artwork to a publicly accessible space to be handled and touched.

Sumi’s work is an amalgam of influences of working in the East and West as a doctor, scientist & artist. Her work is usually available as a democratic multiple, often in the form of an artist book. By giving the viewer the opportunity to engage physically with the work, she transfers artistic license by inviting them to bring their own perceptions and experiences to the pieces. In some instances the artwork is altered by the viewer and the final authorship or editorial control of the piece is shared.

Sumi loves showing her work alongside other artists and is very much looking forward to the typography group show in Matt McKenzie’s new letterpress studio.

Liz Collini (Exhibition of Typography, venue 36)
Printmaking artist

Liz is feels very much at home with type and language, subtle differences between the meanings of similar sounding words and their optical beauty when written down… No better place to indulge the fetish than Matt’s newly acquired typography studio!

Hen Coleman (BEYCA Retro Shop, venue 108)
Painter printmaker

Hen is an artist printmaker, with a BA Hons in Fine Art and an MA (distinction) from London’s Royal College of Art. Her work is held in private collections in the USA and the UK and has been shown in various London galleries and as part of London's Platform Art project. She was selected by Clifford Chance in 2006 as one of 12 Masters graduates nationwide to be shown in their annual exhibition at Canary Wharf. She has recently worked with the Curwen Studio in Cambridge on a new set of prints. She teaches here and abroad in a range of Arts Organistaions and Museums, schools and colleges, and has been involved in the last four years as a consultant and organiser for Youth Arts for a major national arts organisation.

Hen was delighted to join the trail and has produced fresh work particularly for BEYCA Retro Shop after having a good look around and getting a feel for the place.

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