Sep 6, 2010

Comment from E17 Art Trail on Facebook..

E17 Art Trail
What a weekend. And still 7 days of trail left. Please tell us about your experiences.

Esther Freeman
We had a lovely day. Who knew E17 was such a hot bed of creativity! Thank to all the organizers and artists.

PS I think the knitted octopus in a jar was my favourite exhibit!

Claire Tansley
Top day on the e17 art trail. Made a lino print at the Art House, a tea caddy at the Vestry House, looked at pictures of sea serpents in an old lady's front room, quilts in the William Morris Gallery and photos in a hedge on the way home.

It... is all on for another week

Nicola Smith
I can't believe there are so many talented people in Walthamstow !! Still so much to see but my favourites so far are Going South (37) and Merry England photographs (89) .... and of course the children's art work at Hedge Fun(d) (26) !! I don't think I have ever chatted to so many people out and about on the streets of Walthamstow before - the trail is really bringing people together and that has to be the best thing about it. Well done to everyone involved.

Zarah Hussain
Had a great time walking round the trail - there is so much talent in the stow.

Julie Caves
Great 3-day weekend for us at the Blackhorse Lane Studios! Now we all have free time to go see everything else! I went to Valeria's on Sunday, v nice! Saw the River Lea Pictures I missed from the Beside the Lea show in June and had a lov...ely chat!

Even though it was by mistake it was great to see Cris at the Studios on Sunday! And Morag, too! Oh, I missed the Arty Quiz last night, exhausted... how did it go?

Michael Bowles
number 41 - welcome to igloopaowow
where fellowship is life [William Morris]

@ celsius was great

...thanks to all who came - you made a brilliant evening

special shout to al for the music & food and gary for being the best barman in walthamstow

get on down there - the show is open 5pm to 11pm every evening

hurry while stocks last!

cheers to all and thanks again

michael d bowles
director of igloopaowow
the peoples art organisation without walls

E17 Art Trail
Liking the trail pendants at blackhorse lane studios.

Julie Caves
Pauline Evans made those. Good, aren't they!

Sarah Maclean
Had a great day on Saturday, especially loved the Quirky House of Bliss (66), delightful art and a fabulous house and garden

Mary Saar
Incredibly busy - @ 12 h the museeum had already seen 100 visitors coming through the door - !!

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Kate said...

Spent the first weekend of the art trail with aching feet but with a big smile on my face.

We are trying to cover as many of the venues as possible and are asking artists to write us a postcard from the trail to enter into the arteast17 magazine.

We are getting a great response from everyone and hope to have a four page spread showing just how great the trail is and just how many talented and creative people there are living locally.

If you are a part of the trail and would like to add your postcard to the magazine, contact us on editor@arteast17 and we will send you details.

Both Matt and Myself will be pounding the streets again next weekend and so hope to get around the venues we have missed so far. cant wait we love the trail.