Jul 21, 2011

Welcome to the E17 Art Trail 2011 blog!

Hello, my name is Susannah and I am delighted to welcome you to the official blog of the E17 Art Trail 2011.

2011 marks the 7th anniversary of the Trail and this year there will be a grand total of 300 free exhibitions and events in 160 venues all across Walthamstow. This blog hopes to document the art trail and guide you through it. Here you will find previews, interviews, artist diaries and images. You can read about the preparations for the trail and see the processes involved in creating some of the artwork. It is also here for you to share your own art trail experiences and contribute your own reviews, likes and dislikes, photos, sketches or videos. Send in your contributions and ideas about what you would like to see on the blog to E17ArtTrail@gmail.com or leave a comment below. 

Excitingly, for the first time this year there will be a special mini-commission here on the blog for the Children’s E17 Art Trail. So, younger visitors, send in your thoughts on the trail, as well as your drawings and photos to the email address above and they may be selected to go up on the blog!

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Valerie Grove said...

Welcome to the blog Susannah! Will look forward to reading it and Good Luck!!!