Aug 18, 2011

Big Chief E-Spy

The E-Spy Art Trail booklet, soon available at a shop near you.
1. Please tell us about the work you will be showing in the 2011 E17 Art Trail?  
We are doing a number of exciting things, some of which we’re keeping secret for now…Our main focus is our E-Spy booklet - a guide to the mysteries of E17 that people can take with them on the Trail to spot unusual things and earn points - which we hope to have ready for sale by mid August. There will be a blog & emails hosted by Big Chief E-Spy, plus we are staging a few events which include characters from the booklet – keep your diary free on 3 September from about 1pm! We are also doing a fuzzy felt map of fuzzy memories which we’ll develop once the booklet is at the printers and finally, for now, ( remember, we have some surprises up our sleeves!) we are arranging an End of Trail Party for the evening of 11 September at the Bell! Phew! Gi’s a job!
Did you respond to this year’s theme “On Your Marks”? 
No – our ideas were fairly fully formed before the theme arrived...but now we’re thinking, “”
What impact do you think the Olympics will have on E17? 
We hope it will provide genuine opportunities for jobs for local people- not just volunteer experience.
2. What challenges (if any) did you face in realising this work? 
We had so many good places and sights/sites to include it was hard to decide on the book content (and to get Deb to draw it! DB) (Grr! I’m busy! DS). Deciding on the map format was a challenge- translating a good idea into practical reality is hard! We are applying for funding but are using our own money for the booklet, map and badges, which is a concern. Luckily, we can exploit our children’s technical skills for the on-line stuff.
3. What do you like about E17 and why? Is there anything you would change about the area? 
That’s what the map’s all about!
4. Who and/or what inspires you? 
Social gaming groups like Coney and Hide and Seek- ideas that inspire, amuse & include lots of people- making strangers into friends. Graham Rawle’s books were our initial inspiration but our ideas were too complex.
 5. What advice would you give to aspiring artists? 
Create your own opportunities.

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Big Chief E-Spy said...

Book available from all good Stow outlets from Friday!
Big Chief E-Spy

Big Chief E-Spy said...

Big Chief's scouts have been out and about delivering the E-Spy booklets. Find them amid the amazing soups,delicious doughs, quaffable coffee and cracking conversation of Arts and Crusts Cafe; the dangly decorations and floaty frocks in Beautiful Interiors and the historical heirlooms of Vestry House.
The scouts also did some e-spying and spotted the Ratman trying on his Morning coat in the presence of the Duchess at the cafe of coppiced wood. It looks like there's going to be a wedding!