Sep 4, 2011

Art in unexpected places

What happens when an artist can't find a large venue to accommodate their ambitious project? They use their family car as a venue! I really want to visit Buxton Road near venue no. 20 to see Wendy MacMillan's jazzed up car covered in coins. Inside her flat, she has works centred around a sound piece, supported by other works of a similar conceptual theme.

Henry Jones, Dairyman lived here
 After reading Danny Coope's blog entry I can't wait to have a proper look at his Street of Blue Plaques. Taking information from the 19th century censuses, Danny has created a series of blue plaques celebrating some ordinary former residents of Grosvenor Park Road. As I scurried along yesterday I saw a few plaques on the fronts of houses up and down the street and I'm going to go back and examine them more carefully today.

 Yesterday, Station Approach did not look quite how it usually does. The trees were in full bloom, with pieces of art hanging from their branches! This is part of Art grows on trees, a project by Waltham Forest Arts Club and artists from further afield, including one from Canada, who have tied art to the trees, for the public to pick, take home and enjoy.

Today I also hope to see BOARDED - Lost and Lonely spaces. The residents of 8 Coppermill Lane have transformed the front of their house to represent unused and forgotten places. A film will be projected onto the building at dusk.


Helen said...

What a treat watching the film Boarded projected on to the front bay windows at dusk yesterday. Really enjoyed chatting to filmmaker Sonia and drinking a glass of Imran's delicious wine.

Anonymous said...

While it's nice to see pictures of the art grow in trees event I would like to point out that at least 3 of the artist leaving pieces in the trees weren't art club members and two (including me) were from out of town, one was from Canada.

E17 Art Trail Blog said...

Thanks for telling me that, apologies for not including it before. I've changed the blogpost accordingly. Hope you enjoy the rest of the Trail.