Sep 4, 2011

DAY TWO, Taking Part by Image 17

Photograph by Jo Sealy
At Image 17's brilliant show I was amazed to see how much sport goes on in Walthamstow. Image 17 is a collective of 14 local professional photographers with a diverse range of specialisms. They have been commissioned by Waltham Forest Council to photograph a whopping 48 sporting groups within the borough, ranging from badminton in the local church hall, to fencing, canoeing and trampolining.

It is clear from these great photographs that these groups give people great satisfaction and pride, whilst also strengthening community ties. The photographs capture the incredible concentration on the faces of people of all ages as they take part in their chosen sport. Dan Green made the fencers look very lithe and elegant. Apparently he's been inspired to have a go at fencing after taking these photos. I left craving a trip to the swimming pool as Nicola Tree's photos of the bright blue water made it look very inviting, especially in today's hot weather. On my way out I was very pleased to see the girl from Jo Sealy's photos of Kelmscott Trampolining Club.

As Nicola Tree says: “Waltham Forest is one of the host boroughs for the greatest show on earth, the 2012 Olympics. It is the first time since 1948 and Waltham Forest cannot and must not miss the opportunity to be involved and celebrate the games as well as the sport within our community. Image17 will document, celebrate and exhibit the wide variety played in our Borough.”

The work on show at Chesnuts House is just a taster, look out for the complete exhibition, which is traveling to selected locations throughout the borough during 2012.

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Sam Tuck said...

Thanks for drawing my attention to this. A must-see!