Sep 9, 2011

Art Trail Diary, by Abigail

Hi again from Abigail! You might remember that I made a list of E17 Art Trail exhibits that I wanted to see. Unfortunately, I had to go away last weekend, and went back to school this week (boo!) so I haven’t had a chance to see them all yet – but here are some that I have managed to see so far.
Make sure that you sign the artists' guest books!
Knit A Year: I loved this – it looked like a long scarf. I liked all of the different colours and type of wools used. Sometimes she used ribbons and other things to knit with. I wonder what she is going to do with it now!

What Lies Beneath: These photos are really beautiful – it is like another world deep under the sea. I especially like the photos of the clown fish and the dugong coming out of the sand – and the one of all the toilets is really funny!

Photographs of wildlife in & around Walthamstow: I didn’t know that there were so many different types of birds in our local area. I also thought that the fox cubs were very cute.
Ceramic Works – Socrates: This was on the top floor of the library and was really interesting. The ceramics had been made to look like crumpled paper which was very clever. I also learned a bit about Socrates – so it was like a history lesson and art lesson all in one!

Voluntary Action In Waltham Forest: I loved the photos of the Interfaith women. My mum is Christian and her dad is Muslim and my stepmum is Hindu – so I have a lot of faiths just in my family! I have also met Mark Burton, the photographer as he came and did a talk at my school’s photography club once. He is my favourite photographer!

Watercolours at the Library: This was right by the entrance to the library and had all different landmarks in London – I recognised lots of them! The artist was painting in the foyer too, and showed me how he does it. Apparently you have to really look at what you’re painting! He was really nice.

Sitting Around: We were walking down a road I had never been down before, and I thought my mum had gone a bit mad when she said “Can you see the next exhibit yet?” and then I saw it! It was really clever!
Me and the boys

There are still lots of things that we want to see, so we will be out and about this weekend. I hope it doesn’t rain too much!

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