Sep 9, 2011

Last chance to buy Francis Long's latest piece of conceptual art!

Last chance to join the bidding war for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER NIS NADA ETC... by E17 artist Francis Long (ebay item number 130571320067), auction ending Friday 18:28 pm. Is Nothing Whatsoever worth more than £1.20?

Artist Francis Long whose work can be seen at LOT ONE TEN  (number 42) has listed his latest conceptual artwork on ebay: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER NIS NADA ETC…

This is a unique chance to obtain an artwork from Francis who delighted Art Trailers two years ago with his print Infinite Variety otherwise known as ‘the ketchup bottles’.

His seller name is infinite-variety and the item finishes on Friday 9 September at 18:28 so hurry up.

The successful bidder gets a signed invoice sent by post. Happy bidding!

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