Sep 4, 2011

DAY THREE, Wendy MacMillan, gold cars & soldiers

 The picture next to the Trail guide listing for Wendy MacMillan's innovative multimedia show is a bulldog but there are no dogs in this exhibition, you'll have to go down to Northcote road to see Fabien Ho's WOOF! for that. What drew me to this show was sound. I followed the sound of the song "if I were a rich man" to find that it plays from her family car, which she has covered in pennies and spray painted gold. How many pennies does it take to cover a car is the question most people have asked, perhaps she could run a "guess the amount of pennies on the car" competition.  

Inside, the theme is war. There is a large circular collage of soldiers surrounded by little plastic toy soldiers, and an oil and spray painting of tiny soldiers in a pattern that looks a bit like military camouflage. The atmosphere is heightened by a sound piece playing feminine words in French denoting aspects of war or military aggression and changing them into a classical composition building into a crescendo. My only gripe is that I would have liked more information about the context and thinking behind these works, but at the same time it's nice not to be told what to think and draw your own conclusions.

Wendy MacMillan's show is not numbered in the Trail guide but is on Buxton Road, at the Northcote Road end, near venue 20.

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