Sep 9, 2011

Tears of Blood

'Tears of Blood' giclee prints are limited to editors of four
Reviewed by Elaine from E17 Art House Picture Framers and Gallery. (Number 63 on the E17 Art Trail).

Though I had been reassured that it was safe to visit 'Tears Of Blood' on Maynard Road alone - even getting a seal of approval from artist Catboy (very apt), I approached the house with trepidation. I envisaged being greeted by the artist and entourage of real cats with painted fake blood tears to give the show extra atmosphere.

Thankfully there were no theatrical kitties waiting as I entered (and no soundtrack of mournful meowing playing in the background either), but a very friendly hostess, the partner of the artist, who explained the work to me.

I was transported to the Swiss Alps, Sound of Music style, accompanied by giant cats who were so overwhelmed by the beauty of their surroundings they wept blood. I however wanted to twirl around, breath in the fresh mountain air and the sweet scented flowers, and buy every one of these glorious kawaii-noir creations. 

The cats are expertly blended into their surroundings and the play on scale is wonderful. I can only think to liken them to very slick B-movies and Pierre et Gille photo-realistic imagery. The images have been produced as Giclee prints in extremely limited editions of 4, with the black cat being best seller so far.

Partner of the artist behind 'Tears of Blood'
And don't be scared. You won't have nightmares, but if you do they'll be beautiful.

Tears of Blood
18 Maynard Road, number 136 on the E17 Art Trail, open until Sunday 11 September.
If you really can't get to see the real thing, visit the artist's site for images:

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