Aug 24, 2012

Julie Caves - A busy Artist!

There are so many group exhibitions through the artistic community of Walthamstow that many artists will have work appearing all over the place. Julie is one of those, she will have a main exhibition but you will be able to find her work all over Walthamstow part of differant themed exhibitions. She tells us about her exhibitions and where you can find them all:

1. Please tell us about the work you will be showing in the 2012 E17 Art Trail?
My main exhibition is at Blackhorse Lane Studios. I will have many new paintings displayed in my studio at the Open Studios and four paintings on the wall in the corridor in the Silent Auction I use painting to investigate colour, because you can investigate the world with art as well as with science.  I will have my back catalogue of artists’ books out to read as well.  We are no.4 on the map, on the middle weekend of the Trail.  Like last year, look for ‘clean graffiti’ directions to the studios on the pavement – chalk and stencils.

I am also participating in 8 other exhibitions and events in The Art Trail:
  • I have illustrated a gorgeous poem by Julie Ridlington for the Walthamstow Poetry Trail. The poems will be shown in the windows of participating estate agents along Hoe St. Walthamstow’s very own fine letterpress printers Paekakariki Press will publish an anthology of the poems. No.57.
  • I have a bird box sculpture in the Bird Box Avenue installation on Coppermill Lane. No.29.
  • I will be putting out art to be “picked” from the trees each Saturday morning of the Trail along with many other members of the Waltham Forest Arts Club for Art Grows on Trees. No.76.
  • I have a tiny bird painting in HideBird2012. No.128.
  • I have a painting in the Gifted exhibition at The Mill on Coppermill Lane. No.29.
  • I will be putting a piece into the Happy in Walthamstow exhibit at the Hornbeam. No.164.
  • I have four small paintings of the sky at Significant Seams in Wood Street Indoor Market that are part of their clouds-themed display. No.113.
  • I am almost finished with a sculpture that will be exhibited in the Oxfame exhibition. No.26.

2. Is this your first time in the Trail or are you an E17 Art Trail veteran? 
This will be my fourth year.

3. What are the challenges of getting everything ready for your Art Trail event?
Sometimes I paint quite large and my studio is getting more crowded so space is always an issue.
The other challenge will be time – getting things finished and polished up in time and the time to go see all the other exhibitions I have marked on my guide.

4. Do you remember the first artist that really influenced you? Does that artist’s influence still have an impact on your work?
Albrecht Durer has always been a favourite artist and I have liked Marc Chagall, 
Wayne ThiebaudRembrandt, and Odilon Redon for ages.  I guess I have been influenced by everything I have ever really looked closely at.  I love Peter Doig’s early work; it is scrumptious. Recently I have been looking at Alex Kanevsky and Frank Bowling.  And Manet’s pastels are amazing. And Jenny Saville.

5. The E17 Art trail has become bigger every year. Do you think it is because more artists are calling it home?
Not necessarily.  I remember a few years ago artists talking about looking at the map and realising how many other artists lived on their street.  I think there have always been a lot of artists in Walthamstow; we just didn’t see them.  The Art Trail has made them visible.

6. What has E17 bestowed on you?
Awesomestow has given me a wonderful community, that sense of fellowship that William Morris spoke of, and a big part of that has been the Waltham Forest Arts Club.

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