Sep 16, 2012

And the Trail has Ended...Almost

It has been such a buzzing two weeks and a bit full of bright visual vibes, dynamic sounds, crafted textures and even edible smells. It really has been a trail so diverse that it not only filled every one of your senses but I must have seen every medium that art can come in, from really traditional to the experimental and even brand new technological forms. Walthamstow really was bestowed with the fruits of all its creative residents turned inside out.

All the months and months of planning, grafting and organazizing from Laura, Chris, Morag and everyone else who helped putting all the pieces together can reap the rewards and everyone who has taken part can be so proud to be involved in such a unique and diverse huge community art project. However it has been so big this year that seeing it all was pretty much impossible, even if you were totally free, seeing 50% of it would be fantastic, because each exhibition is so welcoming you end up spending a lot longer in each venue! And if you were working or had exhibitions yourselves, you would be lucky if you got to see 30% of the trail, so hopefully this blog can act as a zeitgeist for the trail, a snippet of many exhibitions and events so you can catch up with all you missed.

Kate, Valerie and I have been uploading our little (and big!) reviews, pictures and images through the trail to keep you updated, and even though the trail is now over, the blog still has some life left in it. So keep following it this week for more snippets and exhibition reviews, to see things you missed out on and find things you wish you had seen.

ALSO  Send in your own reviews, images and trail experiences. Share exhibitions that made you smile, really moved you, inspired you or even something you didn't particularly like. 
Send any Guest Blog Entry's too


Anonymous said...

Thank you to all the bloggers.

Despite the enormity of the task, given the size of the Art Trail, the blog was really enjoyable and informative and beautifully presented this year. All of us E17 inhabitants going round it found the blog gave us good clues as to what we might want to prioritise

soulbrush said...

It was a wonderful experience for me- and I will definitely do a post for it. A BIG thanks to you all for this huge community project, I am so porud of everyone in WStow.