Sep 3, 2012

Day 2 - Great Exhibitions a Stonesthrow from Each Other

The Glory of Nature (no.150) 
Last year Joseph Bates did a project of cats weeping blood which went down really well! Following on this year he has continued with his surreal photo collages of found images but plays around more with the absolute absurdity of what he is creating. He has images that are really contrived and obviously bizarre, but they also vary between each other. There is one particular image that is so subtle it could be unedited..... were it not for the fact that it is just too perfect!

He really enjoys making these and it is fun finding your own meaning in each image. Cutting-up and random aesthetics means that every now and then the possibility of accidental meaning or something profound is created. (Open Weekends 10:30 - 6)

Mark McClure New Works in WoodWeirdling Things by Legion of Odd (no.154)
Beyca Retro on Grove Road are holding two very different exhibitions. On one side there is the bizarre creatures of artist Mat Lenik. They are grotesque, smiling mutations and the pencil drawings are fantastic!

There is also a 'Weirdling' mural on display although it doesn't have the same heavy, surreal and twisted quality that I love in the detailed pencil drawings.... but that just may be my weirdling fetish.

On the other side of the wall are dynamic sculptures using reclaimed wood by Mark McClure. They really do capture sharp, urban landscapes and are balanced and structured together with finesse but using materials of age and decay. These are some of my favourite sculptures that I have seen on the trail so far. (Open Thurs - Sun, 11:30 -5:30)

Green & Jones - Paintings, Ceramics & Jewellery (no.153)
Artist Linda Green opens every room in her home to show her work and its development. From the rich, acrylic, still life paintings she displayed in her first time on the art trail, to her current distinctive and developed style and including experimental pieces of ceramic canvas in her studio.  This exhibition perfectly captures the open house dynamic of exhibiting: it is intimate, and non-selective with all the work on display. Even what has not been labelled will still be on 'display'.

What I found fascinating with this exhibition was that she has 3 sets of paintings from the past few years and you can see the developmental changes as you walk from room to room until you get right up to the top of the house and see where she is at now. The paintings are delightful, and as you see each stage you see also a further quality in the previous pieces of work. Up in the Air (above) was painted after visiting the mountainous region of India and she tried warping the space of the landscape to create the effect of moving up and down. This warping of the landscape is taken further in her latest paintings inspired by Paul Klee, which were terrific. Scattered around is work from a couple of other artists and lovely jewellery by Ellen Jones. Definitely try make it down to this venue, it's a real treat! (Open only Sundays 12-6)

dolores rocket (no.161)
An exhibition of dolores rocket's life! Dolores is a dog, a person, a subject and a medium. The work is created by a collective of artists all stemming from Dolores Rocket - neither would exist without the other. The artists are muse and subject and vice versa. I don't want to unravel the mystery that the exhibition sets up because it is a mystery I want to continue and hope to see more of! (only open the last weekend, 1-6)

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