Sep 4, 2012

Insects and Comix at Arts & Crusts

When you're scurrying round the trail, make your way out to Arts & Crusts for a coffee and a slice of wonderful cake. Just off Fulbourne Road, Arts & Crusts is a real little heaven for a quiet, lovely lunch and during the Art Trail it is especially worth a visit just for the exhibits they have up!

First off (and this isn't listed in the guide), Sarah Ezekiel's work is now on display here after opening at the library which you can read about here. Before you wander into the café kneel down and peep through the eye holes of circus freaks and elephants in Original Army's interactive bit of fun.

As you walk there Paul Francis' exhibition 'Comics from East London' is set up. I thought they were fantastic! There are two whimsical and urban stories on display. His work reminded me a bit of Harvey Peckar's approach and dry tone but instead of himself being a character, Tower Hamlets and Walthamstow feature and the figures are just part of the game. I really liked it and will be reading more of his work.

Next to the comics there is a surreal and incredibly precise pencil drawing called 'The End of Charn' by artist Stuart Caughlin. Based on the first world encountered by humans in C.S Lewis' book 'The Magicians Nephew', Stuart has created an ink drawing with thousands of minute human figures woven together. In one section the size of your thumb there are probably 10-15 figures. It's quite overwhelming and it's still work in progress with more humans still to be added.

As you browse for cake, you will also see Sarah Hardy's fantastic sweet icing sculpture, 'Still Life in Sugar.' She has made insects devouring fruit and flowers have never looked more gorgeous and... delicious. If you visit on a weekend there is another piece by Sarah Hardy in the living room of the house across the road from the café. 'The Hand Drawn Wallpaper' is exquisitely delicate and decayed with its sketches of insects and limbs hand drawn with perfect precision as a wallpaper print. I missed Sarah Hardy's open house exhibition last weekend, but she will be opening up for the last weekend. In the meantime see her terrific creepy crawlies here.

Arts & Crusts is no.100 in the guide and is open everyday of the week.

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