Sep 4, 2012

Some things I saw on days 3 & 4

Many Coloured Days by Dr Seuss, Photographs by Anina Arnott & Kids Art by Jenny & Jessy  Arnott (no.103)
As you walk into Wood Street library, there is a big, bright colourful display by the kids of Whitefield School inspired by Dr. Seuss.  I think only children can really capture the mad energy of Suess. Also on display from the school are the results of an Arts and Science sculpture project which is a big rocket made of microchips and other bits and bobs. The students of Whitefield School really have something to be proud of here.

Across the other side of the library are photographs by Anina Arnott. They are really skilled and technically great and capture a real diversity of subject matter. Alongside the photographs is work by children of various ages from portraits to abstract. Actually I visited yesterday and today they are going to put up on display.

The Rent Book Ensemble (no.53)
Amongst all the other antiques in LOT ONE TEN on Hoe Street during the Art Trail are rent books from past to present, each with a story of successful or delayed payments. They are little booklets, each is a different colour and they are framed in groups of 9. There is a strange and pleasing aesthetic to the pattern these pockets of payments make.

Paintings by Genevieve Hatton-Brown (no. 120)
This set of paintings currently residing in the reception of Walthamstow Osteopaths, were a real treat of a find.  Really deep colours and contrasting images run through the exhibition. Paintings of luscious and vibrant landscapes are contrasted with striking, bold and opaque images of figures basking in the light of living room technology: zoned out in front of a laptop or wrapped up in the glow of a television. Great!

Unfortunately Monday was the last day Valeria will be opening her house and studio for people to see her work which is really terrific. Valeria as an artist in herself is inspiring to talk to. She has such pleasure in discussing her work, her techniques and her subjects. Although an oil painter by trade, she has recently struck up a love for ink and this exhibition showed her ventures into the medium and demonstrations of her at work.

The fluidity and flexibility of ink is something that she has really enjoyed, the painting dictates her as much as she dictates it. Across her bright studio in the garden are just lovely, bright ink palettes of nature composed mainly of various forms of lichen. A subject that she found perfectly adapted to her ink technique, the colours sway into each other and across the page as if almost animated. I really enjoyed visiting, for the work yes, but also meeting Valeria and being inspired to go home and try my hand at ink!

Liz Bainbridge New Works (no.79)
Thing about this Art Trail is that even on your day to day activities you will see some form of art part of a trail somewhere. As I've said before, art will find you! I went into Brad's Coffee Bar to get a slice of cake and turns out I ticked off another point on the trail guide. Exhibiting here is Liz Bainbridge. Her figurative and florescent landscapes will leave you pondering and creating your own structures on the canvas with your eyes.

Photographing Fashion's Dirty Secrets (no.6)

This is a collective exhibition of photographs on the dark side of the Western fashion industry taken through and for charity organizations. Curated by Ms Wanda's Wardrobe this has some stunning photographs along with the subjects' stories and conditions. There is also a pop-up show inside where all proceeds go to charity. In fact, the audience can decide what charity the money will go to by voting for their favourite photograph from the exhibit.

Come down to the Rose & Crown on the 14th too, where there will be a charity event: raffle, cake, dancing and donating. This exhibition is for a great cause and would also make a good visiting companion with Alke Schmidt's exhibition in Penny Fielding's. The photographs are also being released online daily so if you havn't had time to visit when the trail is ending make time to go online and vote!

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