Sep 12, 2012

Monochrome Set

A few more faves

E17 Street Furniture at Venue 123
This exhibition at The Vestry House Museum is amazing. The technical skill and draftsmanship in these drawings is awesome in itself but the emotional content and impact of the images take them into an entirely different realm. I spent a lot of time up close with these drawings and not one of them fails to communicate.

The Invisibles at Venue 58
This equally moving exhibition actually makes a very good companion piece to the one above. Its one of the photographic projects in the Rose and Crown and it looks at those involved in local charities that provide support for the homeless and others in dire poverty. Here again are a series of excellent portraits that capture not only story and character, but also the compassion and humanity of both artist and subject.

Also in the Rose and Crown I liked much in the great collection from E17 Art House, East is the new West and also the Digitalized series of photographs.

Something that has struck me very strongly this year has been all things monochromatic. Inhabiting a contemporary visual culture with its ubiquitous saturation of often screaming digital colour is starting to make black and white seem really quite radical!

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